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Ferrara Candy

Ferrara Candy

Bottlecaps - 1.77 oz


Bottlecaps 5 Soda Flavors Root Beer, Cherry, Grape, Cola, Orange 1.77 oz 8 pieces, only 60 calories Tangy, sour Bottlecaps! This candy classic is a classic for good reason! Including delicious Root...

Ferrara Candy

Jujubes - 5.5 oz


Jujubes Firm Gummi Candy Assorted Fruity Flavors 5.5 Ounce Theater Box Fat Free Made in USA Jujubes Classic Fruit Chews are a fun, sweet and super chewy candy with many assorted flavors all in one...

Ferrara Candy

Chuckles - 24 Count


Chuckles Jelly Candy Gumdrop Retro Candy Soft and Chewy Dusted with Sugar Assorted Original Flavors Cherry Lemon Licorice Orange Lime 2 OZ Packs 24 Count Box Made in USA Chuckles candy are old...

Ferrara Candy

Chunky - 1.4 oz


Chunky Bar Milk Chocolate with Peanuts & Raisins No Artificial Flavors or Colors UTZ Certified cocoa Kosher Certified Made in the USA Do you like em' big? Do you like em' chunky? Well, do we...

Ferrara Candy

Baby Ruth Fun Size


Baby Ruth Fun Size Chocolate with Caramel Peanuts and Nougat Individually Wrapped 2.5 lb Bag Approximately 50 pieces per Bag Kosher Dairy Made in USA Baby Ruth's are one of those candy bars that...

Ferrara traces its roots all the way back to 1908, when Chicago entrepreneur Salvatore Ferrara began making candy-coated almonds in his bakery. Since then, the company has expanded tremendously and has acquired a multitude of brands, including Trolli (the famous gummy worm company), Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Gobstoppers, and more! Check out our massive selection of Ferrara products and see why they are one of the leading candy producers in the biz!