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DIY Rainbow Candy Buffet

Posted by Ken Shenkman on Oct 22, 2015

While brainstorming on our next creative project, our marketing team headed over to Pinterest for some much needed inspiration.

As any Pin-oholic knows, that social site is highly addictive, and will suck you in like a hungry black hole. We love that black hole. We don't mind being sucked in by it...

With countless inspiring ideas, we ultimately decided on creating a Candy Buffet. A RAINBOW one. Colorful, Sweet, and Upbeat!

Rainbows and Lollipops =)

And it turned out wonderful. We were inspired to inform our beloved blog followers just how EASY, and FUN making a Candy Buffet is. Maybe you have a Party to host, or a future child's birthday to plan? This is a wonderful way to celebrate! A Candy Buffet adds even more happiness to an already splendid day.


Building Our Buffet

Ah, this part is our favorite, (besides eating the candy). We love mixing the candy, and turning it into a work of art! We used 6 Jars, and 7 different Candies. All that was missing was the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow. We cleaned our work space, set up the jars, and filled them with the goods!

Candy For Your Buffet

Rainbows are vibrant, and known for their beauty so we had to choose candy that had those respectable traits as well!

  • Assorted Gumballs are a great way to incorporate the Rainbow and they are big enough to fill up a jar using one or two bags.
  • Runts and Candy Sticks are so colorful, we chose these candies because the assortment of hues went perfectly with our theme!
  • Of course, Gummy Bears just had to make an appearance simply because a Candy Buffet could never be complete without them! Choosing your Candy is entirely up to you, maybe you like Neon, Glow in the Dark, or Pastels. The variations are endless!!

Here are a Few of the Candies We Used in Particular:

  • Rainbow Whirly Pop 3oz
  • Assorted Colossal Gumballs
  • Rainbow Candy Sticks
  • Fruit Runts
  • Neon Worms
  • Assorted Gummi Bears
  • Mini Chicle Tabs


It was totally worth the process! We love how the Buffet came out, and it was simple, and fun to make! We hope this inspired you to create your very own Candy Buffet!

Here at Bulk Candy Store we are happy to help assist you with any Candy endeavors you are currently pursuing. We love Candy as much as you! And most importantly we love our customers more than we love the candy!