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Bob Ross - Happy Little Candy

Posted by Allyson Shenkman on Jul 15, 2022

Bob Ross - Happy Little Candy

The absolute treasure of a human, Bob Ross, has taken the internet by storm in recent years, popping up everywhere from YouTube to TikTok. Though he passed away in 1995, the famous landscape painter has been impacting millions of lives posthumously. His amazing attitude of positivity (he makes “happy little accidents,” not mistakes!) is something that inspires many people all over the world every day, so it’s no wonder that he still continues to be an icon today. Let’s take a closer look at Bob to find out why he is still a prevalent figure in American pop culture decades after he became a part of it.

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Bob Ross (Full name Robert Norman Ross) was born in Daytona Bea ch, Florida in 1942. Bob is a Florida native, just like Bulk Candy Store! Bob got into painting while stationed in Alaska during his time in the US Air Force and became the student of painter Bill Alexander after retiring from the Air Force i n 1981. Alexander had his own PBS show, The Magic of Oil Painting (1974-1982), and this show was what inspired Bob to follow in his master’s footsteps. PBS premiered The Joy of Painting with host Bob Ross in 1983.

The Joy of Painting quickly became an American classic, showcasing Bob’s fantastic art skills, easygoing and tranquil nature, and positive attitude. In just 30 minutes an episode, Bob taught viewers how to make marvelous landscapes through paint. As a testament to his fame, the  Smithsonian even acquired some of his paintings in 2020.

Bob Ross

"Bob Ross" By Haiden1991 Is Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

Years later, Bob Ross has become one of the most iconic faces on the Internet. Younger generations (myself included) love Ross for the same reasons his original fanbase does: his radiating positivity, soothing calmness, and overall joy in a world that sometimes has none of that to offer. Fans of all ages can now express their love of Bob through some awesome merchandise like T-shirts, blankets, pillowcases, phone cases, and even...CANDY! That’s right, we at Bulk Candy Store carry tons of awesome Bob Ross candy products for you to enjoy! Let’s check em’ out!

First up, my personal favorite is the Bob Ross DIY Gummy Kit! This adorable kit helps you create your very own Bob Ross-inspired gummies!

Bob Ross DIY Gummy Kit

You can make sweet or sour gummies in a variety of shapes, including paintbrushes, paint palettes, and even Bob Ross heads! This is a great bit of fun for you and the kids, and it's also an awesome activity for parties!

Bob Ross Flavor Palette Candy

Another fun and tasty treat is the Bob Ross Flavor Palette Candy ! Each pack has a paintbrush and 3 delicious “paint” flavors for you to dip the paintbrush into and pop into your mouth! This is another great candy for parties and is just boatloads of fun in general, so don’t miss this delicious art experience!

We’ve also got two adorable Bob Ross-inspired drinks, which include the Positive Energy Drink and the Joy of Calm Drink ! The Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink is a 12 oz can is filled to the brim with liquid positivity, which comes in a sweet berry flavor and vibrant blue color. This drink also contains healthy and energizing ginseng, guarana, and B vitamins! The direct opposite of the Positive Energy Drink is the Joy of Calm Drink. The Joy of Calm Drink is caffeine-free and contains Chamomile Flower and Valerian Root extract for a blissful calming experience. This drink also comes in a delicious Peaceful Passion Fruit flavor. How tranquillllll.....

Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink                Bob Ross The Joy of Calm Drink

It’s not really candy, but Happy Little Lip Balm is definitely worth a try! This soothing and quite frankly delicious lip b almBob Ross Happy Little Lip Balm Soft Strawberrycomes in flavors like Soft Strawberry and Fresh Citrus and is the essential cure to chapped lips. If I’m being honest, sometimes I even lick the flavor off my lips because it’s just THAT good, but we at Bulk Candy Store don’t officially recommend that.

Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Mints

Last but certainly not least, we have the Bob Ross Happy Little Trees Mint Tin ! This tin contains delicious and refreshing Happy Little Tree shaped peppermints, honoring how Ross would refer to the trees in his paintings as “Happy little trees.” This adorable tin also doubles as a collectable that Bob Ross fans can cherish forever.

So once you’ve finished your next Bob Ross painting, head over to Bulk Candy Store to check out the most delicious and adorable Bob Ross products you’ll ever find! Choose from fruity drinks and gummies, mints, and more. We can’t wait to share these and other happy little candies with you!