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Gummi Peach Rings - 8 oz Bag


Ice Pack:
Unit of Measure:
  • Peach Rings
  • Orange and Yellow Color
  • Delicious Peach Flavor
  • Sugary coating
  • 8 oz. Bags

Well I'm just peachy! How could I not be when I'm munching on these delicious Gummi Peach Rings?! With vivid orange and yellow colors, and of course a fruity and juicy Peach flavor, these gummi treats take the cake! The peach cake that is! Or peach cobbler...Take the Cobbler...Now that's a new one! All jokes aside, these gummi candies are satisfyingly scrumptious and make for a incredible snacking experience! Better yet, these adorable 8 oz. bags are the ideal size for snacking, and even gifting to your favorite peach lovers! They're also a great size for sharing with friends...if you want to!

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