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BARBIECORE: Bulk Candy Store's Guide to Throwing the BEST Barbie Party!

Posted by Allyson Shenkman on Jul 28, 2023

BARBIECORE: Bulk Candy Store's Guide to Throwing the BEST Barbie Party!

We at Bulk Candy Store just can't help but be OBSESSED with the hottest trend of the summer: BARBIECORE! Pops of bright pink are popping up at the store everywhere, from candy to clothes to new office decor. Even BCS's owner, Ken, is embracing his Kenergy. So we wanted to share with you our best tips for throwing your best Barbie-themed party ever, with candy, of course! Make sure to grab a pen and paper to write down these totally awesome tips!

1) Pink, Everywhere!

Pink is, of course, essential here. Every inch of the room, you, and your guests need to be covered in pink. And while you have your choice of stores for your outfits and Barbie decor, you might be wondering where to get your pink sweets? 'Cause no party is ever complete without candy! Well, we at BCS have got you covered!

One look at our Pink Candy page and you'll encounter all of the pink sugary goodness we have to offer! Pink Hershey KissesPink Rock CandyPink Jelly BeansPink GummiesPink Popcorn, and more! 

2) Decorate, decorate, decorate! 

Barbie's dreamhouse is always decorated to a tee, so why shouldn't your party be?? Be sure to look around and see where you could spice up the room, perhaps doors, empty wall spaces, or windows. One of my personal favorites is a door tinsel streamer, perfect for dramatic entrances and gorgeous, glittery photos!

But, in my opinion, one of the most important pieces of decor for a Barbie party is the candy! 

There are so many things to do with candy to sweeten up your event. If you're interested in creating your own Barbie-themed candy buffet, check out our blog on 10 Money Saving Tips for the Perfect Candy Buffet! Not only are candy buffets a delicious way to impress your guests, but they also make for an adorable piece of eye candy (heh)! It if were my party, I would be sure to include some adorable (and delicious) pink jelly bean Rose bottles on the table too! (Non-alcoholic so even the kiddies can enjoy!)

Another way to beautifully decorate with candy is dessert decoration. I just love seeing a gorgeous tray with cupcakes and desserts all topped with a little extra something to make them pop. We at BCS have all the treats to make your desserts extra sweet! Perhaps top your pink flower cake with some adorable Flower Power candies, or maybe top your pink cotton candy cupcakes with some cotton candy popcorn! With Bulk Candy Store at your service, you're not just limited to frosting anymore! The candy world is your oyster!

3) Customize!

For sure it's a Barbie party, but it's also YOUR party! Make Barbiecore your own with customizations unique to you. Wear pink with your own style! Let your personality shine through! And, most importantly, create your own custom labels! That's right, you can label every candy jar, candy bag, popcorn bag, and candy dish with your name (or whoever the party is being celebrated for) in shining, pink, sparkling letters! Just email us at to get started!

4) Have Fun!

Yeah, it's cliché, but having fun really is the most important thing! You've worked hard to make the perfect Barbie party, so dance the night away and lose yourself in the fun! Play some music from Barbie: The Album, sing with your fellow Barbies and Kens, and take lots and lots of pictures. Above all, make sure you enjoy your time in Barbieland before you go back to the real world.