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Sprinkles have been around in one form or another since the late 1800s, when someone apparently discovered it was cool to put little crunchy bits of textured sugar on other sweet treats such as cakes and ice cream. With even more places to sprinkle now, all types of sprinkles have popped up.What Americans call Sprinkles, or Jimmies are colored rods or sugar of varying lengths available as individual colors or a rainbow of fun. Nonpareil seeds are little balls of crunchy sugar goodness often found on chocolate wafers.. Sanding sugars a colored bits of sugar accents designed to add a little bling to anything edible. Looking to sprinkle things on your ice cream? Don't forget the chips- chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, candy coated, they're all a great addition to your baking and eating. The bottom line - whatever sweet treat you are about to eat, it can always get better with sprinkles. At Bulk Candy Store we offer a wide variety of sprinkles and toppings for whatever sweet treats come your way. We pack them in convenient sizes so they are perfect for baking, topping, or just eating out of the bag (we know you do it, we just wont tell anyone!)