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DIY Deep Fried Snickers Kit

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  • Make your own deep-fried Snickers at home!
  • Kit includes 3 Snickers Bars, mix, Hershey's Syrup and more.
  • Just like the ones at the fair- but you make it!

One of the favorite fairground treats is deep fried Snickers bars. If you're craving those and don't happen to be at a fair, no sweat! Now you can make them at home. The Fun Fair Treats DIY Deep Fried Snickers kit includes: 3 Snickers bars, Super Secret Batter Mix, Powdered Sugar,Hershey's Chocolate Syrup,Tongs, Wooden sticks, Food Trays, Napkins and Step by Step Instructions. All you need is water for the batter and oil for the fryer. PLEASE NOTE: You should use an oil fryer or a deep pot with oil for these. We do not recommend using an air fryer or baking.

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