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Candy Corn Pez Refill Pack - 12 Count

SKU: 10073621003313

  • Candy Corn Pez
  • Refill Pack Only
  • 12 Count Package

Is your Pez dispenser running low? Well you need not worry, Candy Corn Pez Refill Packs are here! These sugary sweet Pez candies are going to be wonderful addition to your Pez dispenser!

Each package contains 6 individually wrapped rolls of 12 Pez - 6 packs gives you a total of 36 packs- that's 432 Sourz Pez per order!

Refill your Pez machine just in time with the Candy Corn Refill Pack! Each package contains an abundance of delicious Candy Corn flavored Pez for you to enjoy!

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