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Boyer Candies

Boyer Candies

Mallo Cup - 1.5 oz


Mallo Cup 1.5 oz package 2 cups Whipped Creme Center Covered in Milk Chocolate Gluten Free A classic from Boyer Candy, the Mallo Cup features ooey gooey marshmallow inside of a chocolate cup, not...

Boyer Candies

Clark Cups - 1.5 oz


Clark Cups Boyer Candies Peanut Butter Cups with Clark Crunch 1.5 oz Born in the 'BURGH Made in the USA Clark Cups are a little taste of heaven! These mouthwatering peanut butter cups feature a...

Boyer started at a small family business during the Great Depression, with the Boyer brothers and their mother making and selling their chocolates door to door. Boyer’s success went through the roof and soon began making their iconic Mallo Cups, delicious chocolate covered marshmallows in cupcake liners. Other delicious products such as Clark Cups, which feature indulgent peanut butter and chocolate, have followed suit. Check out our selection of Boyer chocolates and see why this business has been booming since the 1930s.