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Coffee Candy Anyone? Coffee Crave and Coffee Go

Dec 29th 2011

Real coffee drinkers and coffee candy connoisseurs will love our new coffee flavored hard candy products.

Coffee Crave

Coffee Crave is a wonderful assortment of Regular, Cappuccino, Mocha and Latte! Coffee Go is also available in the Regular or Cappuccino flavor. Try one or all three and you'll be at and at 'em in no time at all!

Coffee Go Cappuccino

We carry a variety of coffee candies at our store -  including:

  • Coffee Prims - a very popular coffee candy made by the Primrose Candy Company. Super smooth and mild coffee a light and sweet cup of coffee in a hard candy.
  • Coffee Rio - made by Adams & Brooks Candy Co. with fresh dairy milk, cream, and pure coffee. Coffee hard candy surrounds a sweet and delicious chewy caramel center. Several varieties including original roast, as well as kona, latte, and espresso flavors.
  • Hopjes - Made in Holland, these little candies are very tasty. The coffee flavor is evenly distributed throughout the candy and it tastes a little like a Frappuccino. Finding it can be tricky, unless you go to the
  • Coffee Buttons – premium hard coffee candies from the Primrose candy company. A nice hard candy with a smooth flavor.

Sugar Free Coffee Candies:

Good news for diabetics and others who want great coffee flavor without the sugar… there are some excellent sugar free coffee candies available as well. Here are a few:

  • Sugar Free Baskin Robbins Espresso & Cream – A new flavor for a well known product - these are sugar-free, delicious, espresso candies made with a super sweet cream, for a unique coffee experience.
  • Sugar Free Coffee Rio Candy – Just like their sugared cousins, these candies taste like a good old cup o’ joe. Available in original roast, latte and espresso flavors.

Bottom Line - When you're craving that cup of coffee, and don't feel like making it, just unwrap a piece of coffee infused candy for a real treat!