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Albert's Candy

Albert's Candy

Swirl Pops - 3 oz


Swirl Pops Rainbow Swirl Color Fruity Flavor Individually Wrapped Diameter: 3.75 inches Total length including stick: 8 inches 3 oz lollipop   Swirl Pops are large rainbow swirled lollipops...

Albert’s Candy started in 1916 by Robert Lawrence Albert and has been run by the Albert family ever since. As we at Bulk Candy Store prove, you know a product is going to be great when it comes from a family-owned business. Albert’s Candy produces a delicious array of sweet treats popular with adults and kids of all ages, including Fruit Chews, Splash Pops, and Super Big Bol Gum. Take a look at our awesome selection of Albert’s Candy and discover why the company is still thriving after over a hundred years!